Chapter 34: "States of Mind"

Date Point: October 11y10m3w AV
Planet Guvendruduvundraguvnegrugnuvenderelgureg-ugunduvug, Capitol planet of the Guvnuragnaguvendrugun Confederacy

An omniscient observer might have noticed that two of the most important messages to ever arrive on the homeworld of the Guvnurag people did so, purely by coincidence, on the same day and in consecutive packages.

Good Training

A companion story to The Deathworlders. Please read Hambone’s excellent work before you begin here, or you will be lost! This takes place after Chapter 26, “Blood and Ash,” and extends several years forward into the story’s canon.

A massive, massive thanks to Hambone for his indulgence, partnership, and friendship as this accidental novel took form. He’s had an enormous amount of input to the story and it’s been a truly wonderful collaboration. Thank you.

Welcome to the Pub!


“Welcome to the HFY Irish Pub. If you are here then you may want a good Pint, or maybe some fresh cooked food. Maybe you are hear for good company? Nah, it must be for the booze.

I wish to welcome you to the Pub, take a seat and order a pint or twenty. We are all friends here. Don’t worry about paying a tab, every drink you order we use advanced technology to take the money straight from your account. No worries about bringing your wallet and getting it stolen or left behind!

The Deathworlders

For centuries, the galactic bureaucracy of the Interspecies Dominion considered it impossible for the planets classified as “deathworlds” to produce intelligent civilizations. The daily challenges of simply surviving on those disaster-wracked, plague-ridden, predator-haunted hellholes would surely favor base animals driven by killer instinct rather than thinking sophonts, and so they were ignored by Dominion surveyors and science teams.

The native civilizations of the high-end deathworld known as “Earth”, therefore, came as something of a surprise.


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