Good Training: The Champions, Pt I

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Hello! I thought to myself, self? It’s time for more Good Training!

So I did.

Today’s episode focuses on a few Champions on the Gaoian Clans, and their struggle to prevail against…well, you’ll see.

NOTE THE DATES: we’re starting at 11y 7m, which is when the Brothers entered the Run phase and just before we met Daar in the first installment. Please check the wiki where you can find all the available content thus far.

Extra super mega thanks to /u/Hambone3110 for his help and encouragement. And stay tuned, he’ll have something for you soon™ enough…

Previous installments

  • Can be found on the »WIKI«
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A word on reading: this installment has four large chapters. Please be sure to follow the links at the side and/or the bottom to read it all!

Final note: minor canon/lore updates to original GT will be posted this weekend. They’re nothing really important but they do correct some dates, add a little more flavor, etc. Consider it a bit of an edit pass. If you like re-reading things it may be fun! I’ll announce when I get them posted.

UPDATE #1: corrections added to the text. Thanks guys!

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