The Champions, Pt II

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It’s been a while! Sorry for the delay, this one is a bit of a doozy. It clocks in at 66,702  words by Ulysses’ count, which…man. That’s a lot of writing!

Eternal thanks to u/Hambone3110 for his guidance, friendship, and permission with his characters. Daar is mine, but you can use him if you like, Hammy :D

In this episode, Huckleberry has a Fiin, there is depressingly little WURF!, and I am secluded in my bunker, you can’t find me.

NOTE THE DATES: Their placement is very important for coordinated actions to take place in future installments of the Deathworlders main story.

Previous installments

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A word on reading: this installment has eight large chapters. Please be sure to follow the links at the side and/or the bottom to read it all!

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