The Deathworlders

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The galactic bureaucracy of the Interspecies Dominion has long considered it impossible for those planets classified as “Deathworlds” to produce intelligent civilizations. The daily challenges of simply surviving on those disaster-wracked, plague-ridden, predator-haunted hellholes would surely favor base animals driven by instinct, rather than thinking sophonts.

The natives of the Class 12 Deathworld known as “Earth”, therefore, come as something of a surprise.

As a galaxy full of ancient and deadly threats slowly turn their attention towards this anomaly, how will the human race be changed by the revelation that the alien life forms we have long dreamed of meeting, are vastly inferior to us in every way?

And how will interstellar society react when an ordinary bartender from Texas can tear the worst monsters in the galaxy limb from limb?

“The Deathworlders” is © Philip Richard Johnson, AKA Hambone. Permission is given for other parties to share, redistribute and copy this work under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

All song lyrics, movie titles or other copyrighted material and trademarks that are referenced in this work under fair use are the property of their respective owners.

The events and persons portrayed in this story are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or events is accidental. The author does not automatically share or endorse the opinions and behavior of the characters.

Please note that this series has collaborated with other authors, and as such some chapters may be confusing if you have not read those authors’ works.

For essential information to help make sense of this book, check out the Essential Reading. Although I hope that the story makes sense on its own, some of the characters and themes introduced later in the story will be clearer and more familiar if you have followed this list.

To get as much JVerse as you can, check out the recommended reading order compiled by the diligent and scholarly Galrock.

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hcrld (not verified)
Word count

You state on Reddit that Warhorse alone is 113,000 words. Has anyone gone and compiled the length of the whole main canon? (Xiu, Salvage, MIA, and Deathworlders. I'm not sure whether to include HDMGP.) I would be curious to how it compares to Harry Potter and other fairly lengthy series. If nobody has, I would be willing to take that challenge. It's just a bunch of copying/pasting.

Socks (not verified)
Jenkinsverse Collection

I'm actually working on compiling everything on the recommended order list into a single PDF. The current word count is 1.15 million, but I still have roughly 40 more chapters to copy down. It's just an estimate, but I'm thinking the final version will be around 1.3-1.5 million words.

Hambone's picture
I haven’t counted it myself

I haven’t counted it myself recently, but I’m informed that we’ve overtaken a great many iconic books and series. Just the Deathworlders alone is nearly twice the length of The Lord Of The Rings at the time of writing this comment.

Support Hambone and get behind-the-scenes access!

Lycanthromancer (not verified)
Point of Order

I think that, at some point or another, you ought to bring up the fact that humans are actually not predators. At least, not evolutionarily speaking. Evolutionarily, we're far closer to highly omnivorous scavengers who (biologically) focused on intelligence, mutual cooperation, and adaptability. We eventually learned how to become hunters through tool use, but we don't have any natural adaptations in being predators -- including our teeth. Once we killed almost all of the worst competing predators on the entire planet (and most of the largest prey), we domesticated ourselves (along with dogs, horses, and some other animals) and settled down to agrarian lifestyles, since that assured a steady income of food. Human-on-human violence actually de-escalated (despite wars becoming more prevalent and extremely violent), and the biggest threat became disease.

I also wonder what the ETs would think of us if they learned exactly what we slaughtered to extinction before settling down to becoming farmers. They're horrified at the thought of a housecat, and would piss themselves at seeing a yawning dog, but once they take a gander at saber-toothed tigers and dire wolves, or that we hunted fuggin' mammoths as prey... And using nothing but sharpened sticks, no less. Or that some humans in Europe had to hunt down and kill vulza that were released by some ET or another with nothing but sharpened metal blades and wooden spike-launchers (bows and arrows).

Yeah, we're a Class 12 NOW, but during our evolutionary upbringing, I wouldn't be surprised if we were the only Class 14 ever discovered.

Pernicious (not verified)
Hmm very true that we're

Hmm very true that we're omnivores. However, its not like we developed the fully bipedal human form and then learned hunting and tool use. Tools by all likelyhood came first, then we adapted to being better able to use them. And the ability to make better tools than whatever random stick or stone was at hand.

We didn't start using tools because we needed to compensate for losing bigger jaws and teeth, we lost them because they weren't needed after we started using tools. Humans actually have natural adaptions for predation - tools and abstract thinking, making for versatile hunters able to change their specialisation for the situation, coupled with social instinct and communication allowing us to coordinate hunts and share our knowledge.

As for danger class, I'm not sure it would've been classified higher, some of the deadliest aspects of earth is the biodiversity with extremely aggressive microorganisms and venomous fauna.

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