The Dakka~ I mean Guns and Weapons Thread

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The Dakka~ I mean Guns and Weapons Thread

Given our propensity for splodey things, this section needs a place to contain all the awesomeness that goes pew pew.

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Oh God Yes

SO Ciryandor: what you have in mind for pistols?

Myself I currently have a Springfield xD(M) in .40S&W. It is glorious.

You do much shooting?


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more like .40 short and weak

more like .40 short and weak amirite

[eyes supiciously]

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Unlike a small, Lanky™ individual of my acquaintance, I feel no need to overcompensate with comically large ammunition. I would rather have more, lighter, and effective ammo.

Also, 16 rounds in a single, comfortable magazine? Aww. Yiss.


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Bigger is better

Bah, bigger is better, get a Judge and hope that five shots is enough. I sleep better when mine is in arms reach.

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You think it’s just A Thing

You think it’s just A Thing that humans prefer bullet-based weaponry? That in the future, you can automatically know if a ship is human based on whether or not it has railguns. None of that wimpy plasma or directed energy weaponry for us.

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nah, man. Artillery and

nah, man. Artillery and autocannons, using warp technology to deal with the range and speed thing. Why fix what ain’t broke?

Hell, give the missiles warp drives while we’re at it! No reason not to.

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