Fixes and Updates, Part I

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Fixes and Updates, Part I

Hello! We’ve been doing some background work on the site, and we have, indeed, been working on your suggestions. Right now we’ve just accomplished the following:

  • Spam filtration is greatly improved: No more captchas for the most part! You will now see a report link that will help us police anything the automated filter doesn’t catch.
  • The reply buttons on content and comments are fixed: They align where they should now!
  • Registration is open: you will still need to verify email
  • Anonymous commenting is open: still subject to approval. Depending on how good the spam filter is, we may loosen that requirement.
  • CloudFlare CDN is integrated: fast page delivery for everyone!

We still have some glaring backend issues we’re working to fix:

  • The Relationships module is a bit broken: at the moment, it will now allow us to build more than one relationship type, except by hand in the database. We’re keeping an eye on it.
  • Visually, the sidebar takes up too much space in Desktop mode.
  • Others are reported.

We will get to them all in time. Next up:

  • Submission guidelines for all content types
  • Revised and available legal agreements (AUP, etc.)
  • Integrated content on the top bar, so navigation is easier

And more. Thanks for bearing with us as we work to turn this alpha into a beta!