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Chapter VIII: Ash

Chapter VIII

Orbital Command Center, V’Strakkath, Strak’kel

It was night time on Strak’kel. The cleaning crew was just finishing up, and the command room was almost empty. On one side of the room, two operators were working late.

As the final cleaner left, a probe decloaked on the opposite side of the room. Silently - so as not to draw the attention of the working staff - it scuttled across the aisle and under a desk. It extended an arm, and jacked into the computer.

Chapter VII: Coals

Date Point: Approximately 65,000 ,000 years BV
Maozr’s Bar

Tnaes had returned to Igraeus in order to oversee the deployment and operation of the SUPERSIM mind scanners. He hardly needed bother; the news of blight on Igraeiv had galvanized the relevant industries into action.

He sat at the bar, waiting for Praomn to arrive. He brooded over his methanol, and tuned in to a news feed.

Chapter V: Blaze

Date Point: Approximately 65,000 ,000 years BV
Eternal Thought

“Is the launch bay isolated from the network?”

“Completely.” replied Tnaes. “I’ve also had my engineers isolate all of the construction bays. I realize that will be an inconvenience, but we can’t risk another intrusion.”

“I understand. Rdaer, are you fully loaded into the pod?”

Chapter II: Flicker

65,000 ,000 years BV
Cyberspace, House of Codes

Vezzik suddenly woke up.

Where am I?

He was sitting at a table, across from Btoan.

The negotiations! I must have dozed off!

“Say that again?”

“I will bring the demands of the Emperor - may his wisdom shine forever - to the House of Law. I am sure they will be eager to accept and avoid any unnecessary bloodshed.”

Chapter I: Spark

Date Point: Approximately 65,000 ,000 years BV
Classified Facility near Capitol City, Planet Igraeus
Tnaes, Chief Scientist of the House of Codes

Tnaes entered his office, having just returned from yet another useless meeting. He grunted, and flopped into his chair.

Deathworld Origins

Sixty-five million years before the Vancouver Canucks and the Arizona Coyotes summarily pulped the Hunters attacking Rogers Arena, the Igraen Alliance was embroiled in a bloody war with the V’Straki Empire. The two warring species were brutal and ruthless in their pursuit of absolute victory. The repercussions of this war would last for eons, setting the stage for the shocking discovery of sapient life on Earth millions of years later.

2. Tikkun Olam

For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and of the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his pinions, and under His wings you may seek refuge; His faithfulness is a shield and a bulwark.
-Psalm 93: 3-4

Date Point: 14Y 3M AV

Office of Rabbi Uwriy Walden

New York City, New York


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