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Which is your favorite 30000 story?

"Pray your leaders come in peace." by araed
1% (1 vote)
"They were children" by Derreverin
11% (11 votes)
"Escape from Holding Pen 15" by FormerFutureAuthor
18% (18 votes)
"Thirty-Thousand Rounds" by Han_Uh-oh
32% (31 votes)
"The Most Subtle War" by JackFragg
10% (10 votes)
"Asylum" by jakethesnakebakecake
5% (5 votes)
"The Offer" by loki130
7% (7 votes)
"Physiology" by TheMafi
1% (1 vote)
"Eight Hours" by Weerdo5255
9% (9 votes)
"Green Berets" by Xesrac
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 98

Welcome to the Pub!


“Welcome to the HFY Irish Pub. If you are here then you may want a good Pint, or maybe some fresh cooked food. Maybe you are hear for good company? Nah, it must be for the booze.

I wish to welcome you to the Pub, take a seat and order a pint or twenty. We are all friends here. Don’t worry about paying a tab, every drink you order we use advanced technology to take the money straight from your account. No worries about bringing your wallet and getting it stolen or left behind!

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