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pt.3 - "Consolidation"

Date Point: 14y2d AV
Three Valleys, Amanyuy Territory, Planet Gao.

Second Lieutenant (brevet) Martina Kovač

“…Do us proud, lieutenant. Stainless out.”

Marty sat back from the radio and let out a long, stress-filled breath. Powell’s orders had been no different than she’d expected and dreaded, but actually receiving them was a different matter.

Chapter 34: "States of Mind"

Date Point: October 11y10m3w AV
Planet Guvendruduvundraguvnegrugnuvenderelgureg-ugunduvug, Capitol planet of the Guvnuragnaguvendrugun Confederacy

An omniscient observer might have noticed that two of the most important messages to ever arrive on the homeworld of the Guvnurag people did so, purely by coincidence, on the same day and in consecutive packages.


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